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  • Mud Buddy announced their new 'Sport V'

    For immediate release:
    February 1, 2012
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    For years sportsman have relied on Mud Buddy to build the most innovative, fastest and most reliable mud motors in world.
    Mud Buddy is proud to introduce its new Sport V outboard motor. The vertical drive heavy-duty outboard motor features Vanguard and BPS engines on an all-new innovative platform.
    The new Sport V is scheduled to be released to the public on August 1 of 2012. Dealers and prostaff will begin seeing new units this spring.
    The Sport V is a heavy-duty four-wheel drive outboard that will do every thing a mud motor will do plus meet the needs of fisherman and hunters who are comfortable with traditional outboard motors. It looks, feels and acts like and outboard. But from top to bottom the Sport V is built extremely tough, to standards a decade ahead of anything on the market today. So much so, that the first models released will be the 2012 Sport V.
    The Sport V features the worlds first mid section transmission designed with forward, neutral and reverse gears. Advantages include balance, larger-stronger gears, smaller profile lower drive unit, and a super duty frame. Patents are on file for this new outboard drive that features no clutch, no meshing gears and no dog clutches typically found on most outboard motors. The transmission is rated for over 300-horse power. This new innovative transmission designed by Arkmos Engineering is strong, quiet and shifts with ease. Great for slamming the motor into forward and reverse when needed to get into and out of tough conditions.
    Nothing was overlooked on the Sport V eight-year project. Trim, swivel, mount, handle and handle controls, wiring, propeller, drive line, etc. are all state of the art rivaling anything in the outboard industry. Plus an all-new power head.
    The entire Sport V frame is built from cast 17-4 stainless steel using advanced casting technology that surpasses even the outboard motor industry. The new frame is a combination of sleek style, aggressive lines and seriously strong. Stainless 17-4 is used on jumbo jet landing gear – light, flexible and extremely tough.
    “Mud Buddy’s focus these past years has been on building the most powerful and reliable engines in the mud motor industry,” says Glenn Foreman, Mud Buddy CEO. “We have reached our goal – Mud Buddy/BPS engines set the standard for performance and reliability. It is now time to expand our customer base and enter the marine outboard motor industry with a motor that will compete with the big five.”
    Look for the Sport V this summer and fall at all Mud Buddy, Gator Trax and Excel dealers. The new generation of marine engines will also be available at Mud Buddy Roundups in 2012. Dates and locations to be announced.

    Now for the 2012 Sport V scheduled for release in August 2012.

    As mentioned, we changed the final castings to reflect the lines and form of the American Quarter horse stallion. But more importantly, we developed an entirely new transmission and shifting system knowing the heart of a super duty outboard would require tough, easy and simple. There is no other in the world and we have delayed release of any photos while we protected our invention. They are now on file with the PTO so I can begin sharing the Sport V with our customers.

    All gears are constant mesh with no clutch or shift dogs. We believe it is the finest outboard transmission and shifting system in the world. As outboards continue to grow in horsepower, this drive will be necessary to harness high horsepower outboard motors. By moving the gear box into the area below the engine and lower drive we were able to use massive gears and automotive style automatic shifting. However, this is not an automatic transmission. It hooks up solid and I mean solid which is necessary for a four wheel drive outboard motor.

    I will show you more details later, but for now, check out the Sport V by Arkmos Engineering.

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    We did have choices. We need a reverse right now, when we want it and without turning switches on and off.

    - Sport V you move the shift handle and back up, move again to go forward, that simple.

    Just like an outboard, but because of the unique nature of the Sport transmission, you can engage or disengage under load, or at idle or not at idle.When we designed the Sport V, we studied outboard and inboard motor technology as our base, then moved upward.


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      Questions and Answers

      Meet the Sport V outboard motor. The Sport V is considered to be the most advanced outboard/mud motor design in the world.

      The Sport V harness’ the true elegance, handling and style of an outboard while sporting the rugged frame and backbone of a mud motor. With 17 years of experience in our hip pocket, we micro targeted specific improvements that sportsman will enjoy. The Sport V completely redefines the way we travel America’s backwaters.

      The Sport V Advantage:

      When will the Sport V be available?
      August 1, 2012. A waiting list will begin March 1, 2012 at Excel, Mud Buddy and Gator Trax Boats. Kent and I are working out the details. Call 801.352.8011 for ordering information.

      How do I get information regarding my order status?
      Once your order is processed you will receive a link to our 2012 Manufacturing Tracking System (MTS). The online weekly-updated MST will assist dealers and customers track their motor build. You will need your order number to access the MST.

      What horsepower will be available?
      Three models will be offered this year, 36, 44 and aprox. 50 horse. All motors are tested, evaluated and rated at an official engine performance lab.

      What is the cost?
      36 horse CDI - $6845 (will probably be one or two horse more with high rev CDI’s)
      44 horse CDI - $7925 (finished)
      50 horse CDI - $9245 (still being developed and tested)
      All motors will have the BPS high rev coils., valves, lifters and matched rockers.
      $49 tall option
      Includes stainless muffler

      Cobblestone marine grade finish

      Will the Sport V be offered in smaller horsepower?
      Yes, in 2013 we will have a 23, 25 and 27 horse mini lite Sport V.

      Will the Sport V mount on all boats?
      The Sport V was designed for all boats from 15’ to 20’, short and tall transom that are rated for that horsepower. It bolts to the transom and is adjustable within a two inch range up and down to fine tune your boat’s performance. We use the universal outboard motor bolt pattern on the Sport V.

      What is the Sport V drive length?
      The 2012 models will have a 28” drive. We will have a 32" in late 2012. You may not need it, this motor trims down, way down.

      What metal is used in the drive castings?
      The entire drive to include transmission housing is made from cast 17-4 stainless steel. The 17-4 stainless is the same metal used on aircraft landing gear - Extremely tough. We use the most advanced investment casting methods. The shape and lines were designed by Bill Hendricks,, one of the best casting engineers in the nation. I gave him a photo of the neck of an American Quarter horse, along with sketch. His main goal was to wrap the transmission, but did a great job on the flowing design.

      Does the Sport V have an electric clutch.?
      The Sport V is fitted with new technology that replaces the electric clutch and switch with a modern Arkmos clutch shifting mechanism. Simply move the convenient shift lever on the operator handle into forward, neutral and reverse positions. Silk smooth and solid is the best description. Reverse is available in 1 second when you need it at the dock, for emergencies, backing off your trailer and when in the backwaters. The new (patent on file) transmission gears are engaged at all times with no gear shift dogs or clutch necessary. You will like the quiet, quick and convenient new Sport V drive.

      Does the handle float?
      The handle not only floats, it performs a host of functions.
      • The handle has friction control so you can place the handle in any position you like.
      • Stand or sit.
      • It has a convenient adjustment height control knob to fit every user.
      • The trim control is located at the very end of the handle.
      • The tachometer is located on top of the handle at just the right angle for easy viewing.
      • The Sport V uses the BPS stainless squeeze throttle that gives you moto-cross style relaxing throttle control.
      • The Sport V uses an Ouray moto cross brand cushioned hand grip.
      • The throttle cable and all wiring are concealed in the handle. The shift cable arm and mechanism is located inside the transmission for a clean outboard look.
      • The convenient shift lever is mid mounted on the opposite side of the handle. Simply squeeze the shift lever locking trigger and pick your gear selection.

      What is the Sport V gear ratio?

      We have three gear ratios. 1:29:1, 1.263:1 and 1.21:1.
      For you HD Sport guys - it is 38/49, 38/48 and 38/46.
      We are working on a larger Big Blade to harness mod engine power so gear changes don’t become necessary later. Motors will be gear loaded to run at 4000 to 4200 RPM and then when customer modes are added, the high rev CDI coils will allow the customer to run 4400 to 4500 RPM.

      What is the reverse gear ratio?
      Did our homework since we had a choice. 2.5:1 – which is very important. When you put the Sport V in reverse at idle with this ratio, it will only creep backwards, not getting you into reverse speed trouble in tight quarters. Simply give it gas and move backwards at whatever speed you prefer.

      Will there be options?
      Camo - MB Grass or Natural Gear Brown - $175
      “Q” Muffler - $399
      “Y” Muffler - $429
      Transom Saver $29
      100 MPH Cover - $89
      Hottie Cover - $189
      Single Carb Kit - $685
      Stainless Engine Assist Bar - $65
      Rock Shoe (holes shown on skeg) - $38

      Does the Sport V have a travel lock?
      Yes. Locks in any trim position. Similar to the HD Sport. 3/4" locking pin w/ball knob. Comes with a transom saver.

      What trim system will be used on the Sport V?
      Mercury 8800 pound electric hydraulic. Finest in the industry.

      How does the Sport V handling compare to the HD Sport?
      They are nearly identical. If you overlay the two motor profiles, the drives are nearly a match, length and angle. We love the performance of the HD Sport, its hole shots, top end speed and unmatched performance in mud. Our goal from the beginning was to preserve our learned experience with the HD Sport and apply it with the Sport V design.

      Do you plan on having extended drives like the 32” and 40”?
      We understand they are unmatched when it comes to running deep mud, but we need to take this one step at a time. Two weeks…

      How far does the drive trim downward?
      Way, way down. 12” below the bottom of the boat on a 17 degree transom. Not sure a 32" drive will be needed. Our articulating two piece swivel not only changes drive angle, but also lifts and lowers the motor 5". Once you drive one, you will see the benefit. Patent on file.

      How fast is the Sport V?
      Same at the HD Sport with all motor sizes we tested, the 36 and 45 mag.

      What is done to curb vibration?
      We spent much time addressing the needs of your hand and boat. First, we have a cushioned Ouray grip. The handle is mounted in vibration dampeners and the complete engine is isolated at three points with polyurethane bushings and a ” rubber 4” X 4” pad between the two articulating swivel mounts. It is the only outboard of its type with this level of vibration control.

      The Sport V has three major components, engine, transmission and lower drive. Are they difficult to remove and install?
      Again, we had choices so we designed a service friendly drive. All three components engine, transmission and lower drive are simply bolted together with splined slip couplers. The lower drive or engine removes for repair and/or exchange in 15 20 minutes. With both engine and lower drive removed, the transmission connects with one bolt and one shift cable. Doesn’t get any easier. We will keep remanufactured components in stock to trade out the lower unit and transmission as needed.

      I want to use the motor for my center and side console boats. Is the motor remote ready?
      Yes, the mount is designed to accept a standard Uflex or Teleflex hydraulic center steering cylinder just like an outboard. The throttle and shift levers connect to common Mercury controls. Our plug and play wire harness connects easily to the console. The Mercury throttle and shift control is in one lever. Just move the single shift and throttle lever forward to go forward and to accelerate. Reverse is the same. Just like a remote outboard motor.

      Is the motor weighted back?
      Yes, slightly more than the HD Sport, but not nearly as much as other vertical motors. We thought of everything. We employed an innovative new swivel system that articulates and moves the outboard motor balance point closer to the engine so that the operator handle easily lifts the motor to clear weeds, work over a log, etc. We also added a new stylish lift bar on the front of the engine to assist physically challenged drivers. Black powder coat is standard. Polished stainless is optional.

      Keep your eye on new boat models coming out the next few months for the Sport V. New center and side console models are being developed to capture the fine remote features of the Sport V. We have Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Redfish, River, Flats, Striper, F86 and Bay boats in the works.

      As these new motors develop through testing, we reserve the right to change all options and offerings at any time.

      Patents on file with US PTO.
      Mud Buddy reserves the right to change features.


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        More CAD

        Top photo - Temporary camo wire cover. It will have nice lines like the drive when done.

        Middle photo - Shows drive in full down position.

        Bottom photo - Shift handle.


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          yea tell clint to put me down for one!


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            Sport V Video